My Story-How I healed from Crohn's

I get asked this question a lot, and quite frankly I would say it is the most difficult question for me to answer because of the emotional charge. As a speaker, it is easy for me to talk about anything. Growing I would talk about anything and most would come to me for guidance in areas they could not openly talk about. My father said I was a natural born teacher.

Recently I recorded my story for my website, but I have yet to put it up because...well..I do not know really; maybe it is fear of ridicule, fear of being accepted, fear of being dragged through the mud...I really do not know. The funny thing is I see hundreds of you Crohnie's out there blogging about yourself and your journey and I admire everyone of you for your courage.

I wanted to share my story here, because I have...

Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012