Kimberlee's Story

I have been sick for over 7 years. In 2008 the GI doctors dx me with Celiac and said good news don't eat bread and you will be fine! That was not true - even though I went on an immediate strict GF diet I continued to get sicker. I lost my gallbladder due to being so malnourished and ill 7 months later. From there things got worse. I continued to stay GF and try to get better. To no avail. Finally in Oct of 2012 they determined I have colitis with ischemia but told me not to worry about it as it's mild. Problem was my symptoms were far from mild. It had gotten to the point I couldn't leave the house, I had "symptoms" several times a day and I dealt with extreme stomach pain. The dr threw some medicine my way every 3 to 4 weeks and said try this and come back in a month. Finally I found a dietitian who was willing to help me try to get better. Through her and the SCD diet I've gotten where the "symptoms" are minimal though the pain is still there. I've been working with her for about 2 months now. I am seeing progress but she's still concerned about the pain and the fact car rides make my symptoms show up again. So she's recommending back to the GI dr as well. So that is where I am at. I am learning now that studies are being done saying that going GF is often not enough for celiacs and by ignoring the fact I was so sick the doctors actually allowed more damage to be done. I want to learn everything I can about the GI disorders I have and share my knowlege that I gain. I think it's important to become your own advocate and to make sure you are doing what you can to make yourself healthy!

Bacteria Transplant Day 3

Hey again - okay let's get the main question out of the way - no BMs yet. However doctor said it may be a few days or so between the colonoscopy and the Imodium. So jury's still out on that!

Today I woke up in a lot less pain than I have been since this started which was nice. I was able to get up and do a few minor things but I get tired easy right now. So I would do a few things and then sit down. So that equates to a shower, a load of laundry (but in all fairness my husband folded it all), helping to paint a 4ft cabinet, a little rearranging (minor stuff) in the bathroom and a trip to the store! Then I laid down for a small nap.

The exciting part was the trip to the store. My husband and I drove up to the grocery store and shopped for the week and back with no urges or...

Saturday, Mar 16, 2013

Bacteria Transplant Day 2

Hello ladies and gentleman! It's day two of the transplant. I called the doctor - he said it didn't have a name other than it's called a bacteria transplant - basically it's the same as a fecal transplant but they extract out TONS more bacteria and put it in a solution instead of mixing the actual fecal matter in with a solution. Just better chance since there are so many in one dose. So that is why he chose that method over FMT.

Today I was to rest all day and that I have done - I am bored out of my mind but want this to work so will behave :) The only thing I've experienced is pain from the biopsies and soreness from the procedure and gas - which was all to be expected.

I assume since I took so many Imodium pills yesterday (4 total) and that you usually have a few days...

Friday, Mar 15, 2013

Bacteria Transplant Day 1

So I take my antibiotic for 10 days and then get through the prep for the colonoscopy - not fun by the way but you all probably already know that - and spend a restless night worrying about this procedure. Got up this morning and made it to the clinic. They hit my vein the first time for the IV - woo hoo that never happens - and get me all ready for my endoscopy/colonoscopy fecal transplant. The nurse asks what I am having done and I spit that all out. She looks funny and says I don't think we are doing any fecal transplants I'll be back. I was thinking "WHAT I did not just do that prep for nothing!". Anyhow she comes back and says the doctor is going to talk to you when we take you back.

So they wheel my bed back into the procedure room and my doctor says I've been thinking......

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013

Simple Wins

I often write on a blog (outside of this site) but haven't in a while and it's not due to laziness or busyness or any of those other excuse we use on a daily basis. I haven’t written out of anger. Every time I sat down to write in my blog about my health, my heart, my soul, my spirit - I became angry. So angry that only venom came to my mind. Only words that were made to be shouted not written would come out of my fingers. I woke up angry, I worked angry, I ate angry and even slept angry.

I was angry at the cards I have been dealt. At the health I have been handed. Angry that no matter how hard I tried I kept turning into this weak and pitiful person who needed help! I just wanted to scream and cry with every breath I had!

So what has changed you ask? It is simple. A state...

Wednesday, Feb 6, 2013