Week Two of Bacteria Transplant

Wow this week flew by! I have to say after being so sick for so long it's a little weird to be having some normal days. It's like having to figure out all over again, who I am - without the constant illness.

Anyhow, I have been hitting the right areas on the bristol chart and haven't had any stomach issues (diarrhea and such) for 2 whole weeks now. It's amazing!

I do still get really tired in the afternoon and I have a constant soreness in my upper abdomen and mild pain after bowl movements in my lower abdomen.

I saw my doctor today. My biopsies came back good and he said no new colitis popped up. He said that he felt the transplant was going to take since I've seen such good results already. Said to stay on probiotic and SCD diet until I heal more. Then can discuss moving into a paleo diet. He also said to avoid antibiotics as much as possible for a while - so in essence I have to stay healthy :) Otherwise no follow up needed unless I start having issues!

Great news!!!!!

Kimberlee Jarvis
Tampa, FL
Friday, Mar 29, 2013